Kathy finds a new friend; Adam feels sidelined by his sister.

Radio Times: Rivalry at Home Farm.

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  • Adam is feeling distinctly sidelined since Debbie’s return. He interrupts a joke between Brian and Debbie, which they pointedly refuse to share with him, and then he’s told by a rather high-handed Debbie to escort the combine – not the sort of job Adam was expecting. When he does go over to the harvest field, he finds that Jenny and Brian are already there, but Brian claims that since Adam doesn’t answer his mobile, he just can’t rely on him.
  • Still on her school meals crusade, Kathy tries to enlist Ian’s support. He’s all for it, though is very busy with his sous-chef off sick. But he does offer to take Jamie to the football match, having heard that Sid can’t make it. Kathy is overjoyed, and says she’ll ask Sid about it straight away.
  • Adam’s feeling really sore about Brian and Debbie’s attitude, but when he tries to tell Ian about it, he gets a rather unsympathetic response. Isn’t he being a touch over-sensitive, asks Ian.

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