Sid puts his foot down: he will not have Jamie go to the football match with Ian.

Radio Times: Lynda has a moment of glory.

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  • With Julia’s 80th birthday looming, Lizzie is at a loss to know what to do about it. Julia won’t admit to being 80, but will be very put out if they don’t celebrate it. They wonder if a themed 30’s evening might suit. That way, Julia could pretend to be rather younger than she is.
  • It’s the screening of Lynda’s Restoration film at the Bull, and she’s making life difficult for Sid, who wants her fundraising to be more restrained. His temper is not improved by Kathy’s broaching the subject of Ian’s offer to take Jamie to the football match. Sid’s homophobia knows no bounds, and he flatly refuses, though he can’t suggest anyone else suitable.
  • Lizzie is upset at Debbie’s coolness towards her, especially since she seems to be on such good terms with Brian. But when Lizzie tells Julia her idea for the party, Julia is delighted – though she can’t imagine why people should want to celebrate her 75th birthday!
  • After the film showing, Lynda urges generous giving. Since she kept the clip in the film which referred to the Carters’ new house as a blot on the landscape, Neil decides to put Lynda in her place. He reminds the assembly about the bell rope fund; there’s to be a Beetle Drive tomorrow and a sponsored bell-ring in a few weeks. Everyone knows that Lynda is a supporter of the community, he says, so why hasn’t she signed up yet? Wouldn’t Lynda like to set an example? For once, Lynda is speechless.

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