Alan has an explanation and he urges Pat to take a risk with Helen.

Radio Times: Emma wrestles a guilty conscience.

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  • Pip and Jill have tea at Jaxx after swimming. Jill seems to have joined Kathy’s healthy eating crusade, so isn’t too keen on Pip’s choice of food. She chats away to Emma about the wedding, but Emma is short with her when the subject of Ed’s job in Hungary is raised. When Will arrives in the café to take Emma to the Beetle drive, she’s difficult and moody. After all they won’t get new bell ropes in time for the wedding – and who is the wedding for? Everyone else, she thinks.
  • Pat and Ruth discuss the produce show schedule. There are some strange classes, and they’re all down to Alan. The beetle drive is attended by lots of the village, and Alan presides over the evening. Everyone – especially Ian – enjoys it, but the event is finally won by Pip and Phil. They make over £300 for the bell ropes.
  • Afterwards, Pat talks to Alan about Helen and her own response to the eating problem. She can’t bear Helen’s distancing herself, and is scared that she might finally drive Helen away if she interferes too much. Alan thinks Helen has to let go of her pain, and if the object of her anger is Pat, well, that might be the best thing. She needs to take that risk.
  • When Will and Emma get back to the Dower House, Emma is still tense and rather distant. Will wants to give Emma her birthday presents. She opens Will’s favourite, a floating heart on a chain. Emma is delighted, she’s always wanted one, but when Will tells her how much he loves her, she’s on the verge of tears. But she tells him that she loves him, too.

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