Pat breaks down barriers; Helen starts to talk about her feelings.

Radio Times: Pat reaches breaking point.

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  • Neil’s nagging the builders’ merchants about missing roof tiles. Susan has other things on her mind – finding a hat and shoes to match her outfit. Emma brings all her birthday presents from Will, and wonders where she can store them in the caravan. Her parents admire the floating heart, and Emma says she’s lucky to have Will.
  • Pat and Helen make another batch of cheese, but Helen is tetchy and rude. Pat seizes the moment; she can’t bear any more, losing Helen like this is like losing John all over again. Helen screams at her, reminding Pat that she never liked Greg and never gave him a chance. Pat asks if she was really happy with Greg, and after tears, Helen admits that she wasn’t always. She tried to make it work, but it was all a waste of time; she’s thrown away three years of her life. Pat tells her that all they want to do is help her through it; Greg gave up on himself but they won’t let Helen do the same.
  • Emma and Susan have a successful shopping trip. Over tea Susan admits how much she likes Will, and becomes quite emotional, but Emma is unresponsive. When they get back to the caravan, Emma is in a state of near-collapse. Neil says it’s just wedding nerves, and Susan waxes ever more lyrical about Emma and the man of her dreams.

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