Emma continues to bottle her problems, Helen continues to open up and Jill is heading for the high life.

Radio Times: Jill rises to the challenge.

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  • Emma has come round to the caravan quite early and is still somewhat distracted. When Susan comments on marriage being an expensive business – especially when the babies come along, she nearly drops the iron.
  • Pat and Helen find a shady spot to sell ice-cream at Lower Loxley and look forward to an aroma-therapy session later.
  • Having fitted and tested the borrowed bell ropes, Neil is ready for lunch and is quite ready to polish off Emma’s too since she does not seem to be hungry. She should go out but is not keen; however, the idea that she might help to clean the caravan does the trick. Actually Neil and Susan were surprised to see her today; perhaps she and Will have had a row.
  • Kenton (who shares a birthday today with Shula) and Jill are admiring some photographs taken from a micro-light. Jill fancies having a go but settles for an ice-cream.
  • Aroma-therapy over, the girls are relaxing in their dressing gowns – at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, how decadent. Helen confides that, when the therapist asked if there was anything specific to concentrate on, Helen told her about Greg. Out came a concoction designed to release the anger in her system. She realises that she taken that anger out on Pat and is sorry. They have started again now and Pat will always be there for her.
  • Although it’s Kenton who has the birthday, Jill gets a present: he has bought a voucher for a micro-light flight. Totally impractical, decides Elizabeth, but Jill is not so quick to dismiss it; she is going to investigate this further!

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