Emma reveals that she is pregnant but is still bent on marrying William.

Radio Times: Emma drops a bombshell.

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  • Bert is on the receiving end of David’s wrath; it seems that he has missed applying fertilizer to part of the pasture that Sam (Wonder Boy, who can do no wrong) has decreed shall be allowed to grow back. Poor Bert! Phil will buy him a pint in The Bull at lunchtime; that usually does the trick.
  • Kirsty calls in at Jaxx to find Emma in tears, so in her rôle as comforter to Ambridge’s troubled souls, she takes Emma somewhere more private. The root cause is quickly revealed: Emma is pregnant and she cannot do the obvious thing and tell Will because she thinks it is Ed’s baby. She explains that she has always loved Ed; he’s so alive. On her hen night, goaded by talk of being tied down, something flipped and she wanted Ed. So it wasn’t planned and hence there were no precautions. Now she has driven Ed away and she realises that she has been unfair to him. It’s her big day in two weeks. She concludes that she would be mad to keep the baby; someone will end up being hurt. She will seek a termination; that way she and Will can start their married life with a clean slate (although not exactly free of emotional baggage!)

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