Lilian prepares for a shooting trip with Matt; Emma is giving Will a wide berth.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a new hobby.

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  • Sisters! Jennifer is accompanying Lilian to buy all that is needed for a shooting trip; Debbie is planning to take Alice for a pizza this evening to catch up on her love life, although Debbie claims there is nothing to tell about her own. William needs to see Brian before he too goes to Scotland for the Glorious Twelfth. While he waits, Jennifer is keen to help his quest for a poem but Will resists; he doesn’t want anything too fancy or it wouldn’t be him.
  • David and Debbie agree that the wheat looks good; they agree to meet tomorrow to discuss next year. David admits that he has missed their chats; it has not been the same working with Adam and he felt the need to keep checking up. Debbie assures him that she is not planning to go away again.
  • Lilian’s shopping trip is going well, although Matt might get a shock when he sees how much luggage she has. Lilian had assumed that Brian would also be in Matt’s party – not so. (Otherwise the temptation to shoot Matt would probably be overwhelming.)
  • In The Bull, Ian affirms that his offer is still open, to take Jamie to the football on Thursday, but Sid assures him that won’t be necessary as he has made other arrangements. William and Roy get down to some serious wedding planning but Will is disappointed to receive a text message from Emma saying she will not be coming; she is staying at the caravan. It’s almost as if she is avoiding him! What a shame: Sid’s “other arrangements” have fallen through because Tom cannot take Jamie after all. Roy is keen to go but is working; he will try changing with Lynda and even the offer earns him a pint on the house.

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