Usha faces a hard decision; so does Sid; so does Emma.

Radio Times: Sid’s the bearer of bad news.

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  • Usha has some bad news for Ruth: Ashok wants to live in India, so Ruth will lose her best friend.
  • In the garden of The Bull, Emma is deep in thought but all Jolene can get out of her is that she is having second thoughts about something but can’t decide.
  • Inside, Lynda is full of her latest project; she is meeting Lewis to discuss it. She let’s slip that Roy will be working on Thursday after all: Jack is in charge, Caroline being away, and insists that they keep to the rota. Helpfully she asks, since Ian is going, why Sid doesn’t ask him to take Jamie to the football. Why not indeed! He did offer – twice.
  • Usha explains that Ashok’s decision is a roots thing. The death of his father has had a profound effect and he feels he wants to continue in his footsteps, as an artist in India. Usha is not keen but she has got to think about it; she does love him. Ruth finds it impossible to be objective about it.
  • It’s like this Jamie, Roy can’t take you to the football and because there is a really important award ceremony at the pub, you won’t be able to go. That went down like a lead balloon. Jolene is disgusted with Sid’s suspicious and small-minded attitude and warns that Jamie will not forgive him for the disappointment.
  • In the evening it’s Usha’s turn to get an update from Lynda about the Cat & Fiddle. Usha wonders whether they will all be here to see the completion; without an explanation of what lies behind this comment, Lynda manages the observation that the upheaval Usha suffered when her family was forced out of Uganda is something one would not wish to undergo twice in a lifetime. Indeed not!

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