Sam builds a bridge in his relationship with Bert; Sid shows his worst side.

Radio Times: Sid swallows his pride.

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  • It’s a tempting offer but David decides he would prefer to give salsa a miss tonight; he will be at The Bull for the award ceremony. Ruth, however, is not going to pass up the chance to give Ashok a hard time about taking her friend away to India.
  • Sid has lost sleep over this – not the award ceremony but allowing his son to go to the football in the company of Ian. He has, though, come to the conclusion that Jolene is right but he will have to ring Ian himself; Jolene is not going to do it for him.
  • Bert gets precise instructions from Sam about where he wants the cows tonight.
  • Sid also has precise instructions for Ian: keep an eye on Jamie, he shouldn’t give Ian the slip but be careful, bring him straight home and in the meantime only take him to the toilet if he really, really needs it. Unbelievable! At least Jamie has the grace to thank Ian for taking him.
  • Bert has set the fences in the right place but left the gate open; the result is that the cows are in the wrong place. David notices, so does Ruth, but Sam does not let on whose mistake has brought this about.
  • Sid can’t relax (until Jamie is back!). He gives a stilted speech that Jolene has to finish for him. Meanwhile Bert finds a quiet corner in which to tell Sam that he has heard how he took the blame for Bert’s mistake – very handsome of him. Just to make Bert’s night, he has won the lottery in The Echo. Where’s Sid gone?
  • The football over, Ian and Jamie make for the car to go home but Sid is there to head them off and take Jamie himself. A word of thanks wouldn’t have cost much but it is not forthcoming.

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