Emma has decided: she will keep the baby and Will need never know who the father is.

Radio Times: It’s decision time for Emma.

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  • Pat has hardly seen Kirsty this week, so it’s time to catch up; she told Helen how she felt and they have made some progress. On the subject of food, however, there is still a brick wall.
  • The cake is fantastic! Ian has been keeping it a closely guarded secret but now reveals it to Roy, William and Emma, who promptly comes over a bit queasy. Ian and Roy are at a loose end this evening, so Ian promises to reveal over a few beers what a “rude dude” is Sid Perks.
  • It’s just a headache, the consequence of having no lunch, so Emma is sure that a sleep will put her right and she will see Will later.
  • Ian was disgusted about Sid’s ill-mannered behaviour; Adam was right. Indeed, Adam is thinking of moving on, cricket-wise. Roy explains that he played for Darrington for a while but it wasn’t the same; Adam should not let Sid force him out. Roy has chosen Dublin for Will’s Stag Night; Ian is up for it, if he can get time off, and Adam is welcome too.
  • While Will is listening to the band in The Bull Upstairs, Emma has chance to talk to Kirsty. She will not keep her appointment tomorrow. There is no way she can get rid of the baby: she couldn’t live with herself. Will need never find out; Ed has gone and it’s the only solution. Kirsty is sure that Will will be a great dad, really loving, and a tearful Emma agrees.

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