Sid’s on to a winner, otherwise this episode was a loser – nothing happened!

Radio Times: Debbie helps Adam out of a tight spot.

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  • Adam’s showing off his combining skills to Ian, who’s very impressed with the machine, but less so with Adam’s driving, when he gets it stuck in a gateway. To make matters worse, Debbie chooses that moment to turn up, and to show Ian how easy it is to extricate the combine. Ian wants to buy her a drink at the Bull to say thank you, and to see whether Sid is speaking to him and Adam – Sid still hasn’t said thank you for taking Jamie to the match.
  • An excited Roy tells Will his plans for a stag night in Dublin, but gets a lukewarm response. When Will tells Emma, later on, that he’s worried about the cost and about having to take time off work, she tells him to explain all this to Roy.
  • Following Bert’s win on the Lottery and at Shove Ha’Penny, Sid’s decided to promote his gnome’s magic powers. They are proved, it seems, when Roy beats Will at darts after patting the gnome.
  • When Ian and Adam get to the Bull, Adam wants to go into the Ploughman’s to avoid Sid, but Debbie isn’t having any. Sid is noticeably cool to Adam and Ian, and still won’t say thank you to Ian for taking Jamie out. Adam and Debbie are cross, but the ever-peaceable Ian says at least he served them.
  • Roy is fine about abandoning the Dublin idea. He and Will decide to have a good night out at the Bull instead. Emma comes to tell Will that Susan wants her to stay at the caravan. But she’ll take time off tomorrow to come and help Will with feeding the pheasants. That way they can have a talk.

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