Bert’s luck is in. Emma has still not found the courage to tell William about her condition.

Radio Times: Kathy continues her crusade.

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  • Sam explains his plate meter to the technophobic Bert, and teases him about his interest in magic, especially gnome-patting. But when Bert takes Will on at bar Skittles, the gnome works his magic all over again.
  • At Lower Loxley, Kathy admires Julia’s birthday cake, made by Owen and asks what he thinks about the possibility of using Hassett Hills meat for school meals. He thinks it’s too expensive, but undaunted, Kathy tackles David. He suggests the cheaper cuts, which they can’t shift, which seems like the solution to Kathy’s problem.
  • Sam tells David that the pasture at Long Bank is worn out. It needs ploughing and re-seeding. David baulks at the cost, but Sam’s adamant.
  • When Owen shows Kathy the finished cake, she points out that he’s put 8 violets on it. Kathy thinks Julia will be offended, whereupon Owen loses his temper. He’s spent all day on it, and if Kathy doesn’t like it, it can go in the bin.
  • Emma helps Will feed the birds, as she promised. Nervously she broaches the subject of her recent moods, but can’t find the courage to tell him she’s pregnant. He must never forget that she loves him, no matter what happens. Of course not, says Will, he loves her, too. Is that all she wanted to tell him?

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