It’s Julia’s big day but Jill decides to have her day too – in a microlight.

Radio Times: It’s party time at Lower Loxley.

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  • Predictably, Phil’s not sure about Sam’s idea of ploughing up and re-seeding the pasture, but Ruth is all for it. She and Jill are off in search of bread rolls for the school meals campaign.
  • At Lower Loxley, it’s the day of Julia’s eightieth birthday, and she has a surprise birthday visitor, Lewis, who nearly puts his foot in it by mentioning her real age, but manages to divert the conversation to the romance of the thirties. At the party, Elizabeth turns heads in her genuine thirties dress, until Julia makes her entrance and really steals the show – and manages a snipe at her daughter-in-law into the bargain.
  • Clarrie’s relieved to get a call from Ed in Hungary. She tells him how much Eddie’s missing his help on the landscaping team. Ed makes a point of asking about Emma.
  • Lewis and Julia slip out of the party for a romantic tête-à-tête on the terrace. Julia is delighted with the party, and whispers her real age to Lewis, who puts on a good show of being incredulous.
  • Jill’s amused at the way all the young people, including Nigel, are keen to take her microlight voucher off her. She’s having none of it – she’s going to have a go herself.

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