Eddie’s put out that Lilian is more interested in Jazzer than in him.

Radio Times: Jazzer gets his own Mrs Robinson.

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  • Lilian brings a brace of grouse to Brookfield, trophies of her shooting weekend with Matt. David and Ruth can’t believe that she actually managed to hit anything.
  • Eddie and Jazzer make a start on Lilian’s garden, though Jazzer keeps up a constant moan. He’s miffed that Ed hasn’t contacted him since he went to Hungary. Lilian makes an embarrassing play for Jazzer, ignoring Eddie. In the end he wonders whether he might have patted the lucky gnome too hard. Eddie tells him to watch out – Lilian the crack shot has Jazzer firmly in her sights.
  • David tries to put Jill off the idea of the microlight flight, but she’s already done her homework and booked the flight. David suggests a go with his radio-controlled plane, and she takes him up on it. To David’s surprise, she’s a natural.
  • When David tells Bert about the plan to plough and re-seed long bank, Bert’s all for it, to David’s surprise. Sam has clearly made a big hit with Bert since the incident of letting the cows graze the wrong pasture. And his luck is still in, thanks to the gnome – he’s ten pounds richer than when he left home. Eddie’s beginning to wish he’d never let Lilian have it.

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