Emma asks for news of Ed but Oliver keeps a secret.

Radio Times: Adam returns a favour.

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  • Julia has received a fan letter from an unknown admirer, who saw her in her first West End appearance. Nigel is quite moved, and Julia overdoses on reminiscences. Even Oliver gets an earful.
  • Brenda’s keen to have a girls’ night out while the boys are on their stag night, but Emma’s not interested. Emma asks Brenda to meet her after work, though – she’s not coping well at work.
  • Nigel’s looking for volunteers to spread more hay on his flower meadows, but Adam and Debbie are too tired. Debbie can’t resist a snipe at Adam and his strawberry enterprise, and when he tries to show sympathy over a lapse in the grain store, she puts him down.
  • Emma’s clearly upset. She tells Brenda she doesn’t deserve Will; she’s been giving him a hard time, and he’s always so kind and patient. But it’s all gone so wrong, she says, and she can’t tell anyone about it. On the way home she meets Oliver, and asks him about Ed, but Oliver very firmly says he can’t tell her anything.
  • Adam quietly sorts out the grain problem and Debbie takes the point. They’re both busy, and she shouldn’t take her tiredness out on him. And since Debbie got him out of a fix with the combine, so they’re quits.

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