Brenda discovers the truth about Emma but Will is still in the dark.

Radio Times: Ambridge gets raucous.

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  • Roy’s really looking forward to Will’s stag night, though Will doesn’t seem quite as keen.
  • Emma helps Will to get ready. She’s even bought him a tee shirt with their photograph on, taken on their first weekend away together, and gets quite sentimental about it, though Will’s not keen to wear it at first. He wants her to go to Kirsty’s, but Emma’s determined to go to the caravan. She tells him not to be too good.
  • Kirsty and Brenda have a girls’ night in. Brenda tells Kirsty how worried she is about Emma she was in tears last night and implied something awful was wrong. Without too much prodding, Kirsty tells Brenda what’s wrong. To Brenda, Ed’s just a waste of space. Surely Emma won’t back out a week before the wedding?
  • The boys are in high spirits at the Bull. The cricket team decide that the lucky gnome is a better match-winner than tactics, and all pat him on the count of three. Then they discover that Will’s missing. He’s outside the pub on his own, and won’t come back in. He won’t tell Roy at first, but then admits it’s Emma. Sometimes he feels he doesn’t know her at all. He doesn’t know what goes on in her head. She seems to shut him out. Roy tells him, without too much conviction, that they’re solid, but Will doesn’t seem convinced.

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