Susan is panicking about the arrangements; Emma is panicking about the pregnancy; Kirsty thinks Emma should tell Will and Roy thinks Will should ask what’s wrong.

Radio Times: Emma chokes on her sentiments.

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  • Susan is worrying about how much is still to be done but Emma thinks she should let more people help. Emma says some things aren’t as simple as lists and that upsets Susan, but they don’t get any further. Will was not too bad after his stag night. At least Emma was sensible getting it out of the way earlier on.
  • Will doesn’t do so well at the cricket. He probably has other things on his mind. Adam wants to find time for a chat with Brian about cropping – and surprise surprise, Debbie won’t be around. Emma seems to have forgotten about the rehearsal and just wants to talk to Kirsty. Will doesn’t understand.
  • Emma is panicking about the pregnancy. Supposing the flight and the heat affect the baby. But she won’t tell him yet. Kirsty wants to know when she will.
  • Adam tries to make Brian see things his way but Brian is still keen on talking to Debbie. Adam wants Brian to understand he’s not all strawberries.
  • Kirsty is going to help Helen choose an outfit for the wedding. She thinks it might be a sign she’s picking up. But Adam thinks she might be making an excuse.
  • Time for the wedding rehearsal. Emma tries to get through her poem but gives up. Susan is cross Will hasn’t chosen his poem but it is driving Emma nuts.
  • Emma feels so guilty. She knows Will will make a great Dad. But Kirsty thinks he needs to know. She’s got to choose the right moment.
  • Will is getting upset at the amount of time Emma is spending with Kirsty. She looks so serious. Roy tries to cheer him up but Will isn’t listening. If Will really thinks there is a problem then he should just ask her!

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