Jill is preparing for her flying lesson; Emma still hasn’t told Will. Sam and Bert bond over a difficult calving.

Radio Times: Sam and Bert join forces

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  • Bert is convinced about the scientific value of plate meters for the new grass. He is getting on with the ploughing. Sam and Bert are being lined up to take care of the farm for the night while they have a family evening before Jill’s microlight flight.
  • Elizabeth is explaining the Lower Loxley arrangements to Emma when she burst into tears again. Elizabeth tries to calm her by explaining the troubles she and Nigel had had and nearly tells her about her abortion but Emma interrupts. She realised in time that love is not all fireworks and that Nigel has always stood by her. Emma remembers Will is like that and Elizabeth encourages her to talk to him about her worries.
  • Julia’s fan letter has made her think there maybe a market for theatrical memoirs, especially if she can sell them! In the meantime David still want Jill to be talked out of her flight but Elizabeth is having nothing on it.
  • Emma tries to tell Will but he talks about everything else. Is it the honeymoon or the poem? What can it be? In the end, she can’t bring herself to tell him. She still can’t bring herself to stay at the Dower House. She wants to walk home instead.
  • Sam has to call Bert over to help with a difficult calving. That calls for some bonding at the Bull. But Will has had enough for one night.

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