Jill prepares for her flying lesson; Kirsty is shocked at how thin Helen is; Will is still anxious about the wedding but Lucky the Gnome has disappeared!

Radio Times: Jill gets ready for the high life.

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  • Elizabeth is driving Jill to the airport for a practise run. Julia is obsessed with digging out all her old memorabilia. It’s good to know someone remembers her. Jill has found it hard not being at the centre of things. Maybe flying over Ambridge will give her some perspective. Everyone is hoping she will change her mind and they can go instead but they aren’t going to get the chance.
  • Will is worried about Emma. She seems so distant. They just don’t seem to be getting through to each other. She maybe having second thoughts. Will doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. She’s found this wonderful poem and he hasn’t found anything. And if she doesn’t want to go to Mexico, maybe that means they aren’t compatible. It must be a really big problem if he isn’t telling her. George explains it was like that with him and Chris. She was from a different world. An Archer marrying a divorced man and a recovering alcoholic at that! A scandal! But the important thing is Emma and Will love one another.
  • Kirsty is helping Helen choose a wedding outfit. It’s good to get away from the farm and Tom’s expansion plans. Tom wants to do better than his Dad although he has done pretty well for himself. Helen chooses a red dress – Greg always used to … Kirsty is shocked to see her though, maybe it needs a little cardy. Helen thinks it might even be a bit tight – especially since Emma will have lost weight, all brides do.
  • Jill meets her instructor. She won’t be able to go right over Ambridge but she should see Brookfield and Lower Loxley. He’s taken up even 80 year olds so she is a fledgling. She can’t wait.
  • George takes Will to the pub for a decent meal at the Bull. If only Will knew if he was coming back from his honeymoon as headkeeper. It would make all the difference to Emma if they knew they had a place of their own but he can’t ask. Then, a shock! Lucky the Gnome has disappeared!

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