Adam and Debbie are squabbling over the farm; Lilian is still teasing Jazzer; Brian is going to tell Will he has passed his probation but he needs cheering up before his wedding.

Radio Times: Jazzer bites off more than he can chew.

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  • Debbie finds Adam ploughing up a field which he had agreed with Brian should go for wheat but it appears Debbie had changed Brian’s mind to rape. Adam chokes back a retort when Debbie adds another dig that it’s a pity it has been ploughed – it would have been so much better without.
  • Lilian is still trying to attract the attention of Jazzer by opening up the door is a state of undress. Jazzer isn’t too impressed to be invited in for a “nice cup of tea”. She’s sure a growing lad like him will always have room for something extra!
  • Brian is not over apologetic about the rape/wheat mistake. Debbie is bound to be right, she has got such a good eye for these sort of things – if only Adam had taken the trouble to check …. Brian doesn’t want to be their go between. He thought Adam had said he could cope with the day to day management of the farm. Perhaps he wasn’t right after all.
  • Lilian tries to get Jazzer to fix and upstairs tap but Eddie arrives at the nick of time having saved Lucky the Gnome from the duckpond. Eddie tries to stop Lilian teasing Jazzer but she thinks it’s only a game.
  • George suggests Brian should tell Will he has passed his probation before he goes on honeymoon. Brian would have done so but he was worried about whether Will would feel being offered Greg’s cottage was insensitive. Debbie thinks it will be fine as long as he explains the situation. Brian is so grateful for Debbie’s clearheadedness. It is so good to have her back and if Adam thinks his toes are being stepped on he should get them out of the way.
  • Eddie is disappointed at the lack of a drink for returning Lucky but Lilian makes up for it. The wedding preparations are getting on his nerves too and as for Will – anyone would think he was going to a funeral rather than a wedding.

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