Jill has a great flight; Will passes his probation and accepts Greg’s cottage; Emma is not impressed.

Radio Times: Will has a bombshell for Emma.

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  • Jill is all set for her flight. David and Ruth still sound nervous. Apparently Elizabeth wasn’t worried. But Jill is having to calm them down.
  • Brian tells Will he’s passed his probation. Will can’t take it in. Two new starts in life. Brian offers them Greg’s cottage but would understand if they didn’t want it. Will is quite happy about it. He can’t wait to tell Emma.
  • Jill gets on splendidly on her flight. It was beautiful. She saw Brookfield and Lakey Hill. One of the great radio moments! Who says it’s just going to be the one flight! But she is just teasing.
  • Will tells Emma he’s passed his probation. She is thrilled. Emma will have to see if she can get a rise to match! She is less pleased to find it’s Greg’s cottage! Will tries to say Greg was happy there but Emma reminds him that the last time he walked out of door it was to kill himself. Another happy moment spoiled!

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