Eddia and Joe each receive a 3,600 pound windfall from the receivers of Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Brian’s banished to the caravan.

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  • Eddie chats to Brian in the lambing shed, surprised that Brian is mucking in so much and equally taken aback at Brians willingness to fetch him a cup of tea. It seems Eddie is to offer the villagers a free christmas tree disposal service – though he will be able to sell on the chippings of course!
  • Ed and Joe are over at Grange Farm – Ed having been given the keys whilst Oliver is away. Joe is having a poke around the place, comparing it’s decor with that of the times they lived there. Nothing, it would seem, could improve on the shell-shaped basin Eddie installed for Clarrie in the bedroom….
  • In the shop, Lynda is complaining to Jolene about the parking of the builders van on the Green. Jolene hopes that the new housing development will bring in some extra trade to the Bull. They exchange New Years resolutions, and Lynda tells of the missing wallet. Jolene is quick to defend the untarnished reputations of the likes of Jazzer, and suggests that Lynda speak to Robert before pointing an accusatory finger at anyone.
  • Eddie returns home to find a distraught Joe with an unopened letter from the official receivers who handled the dismantling of Grange Farm. Their trepidation turns to joy when the letter is opened and they discover a cheque each, each to the value of 3,600 pounds. Eddie immediately suggests that “they” buy a four wheel drive, though Joe is not going to let his share of the windfall be spent by anyone other than himself.
  • At Home Farm, Brian tells Jenny how much he is enjoying getting his hands dirty and doing some real hands-on farming for a change. For her part, Jennifer cannot see herself enjoying anything ever again, even though it is her birthday tomorrow.
  • On the Green, the Grundys are finishing off the Christmas tree chipping. Ed grudgingly accepts an extra fiver for his efforts. Jolene and Lynda make an appearance – Lynda has solved the mystery of the wallet, as it turns out that Robert had already given it to a charity shop. Lynda pointedly exits when Eddie re-appears. Jolene is delighted to hear of Eddie and Joe’s windfall, but is less impressed when it emerges that neither of them had thought of Clarrie in the distribution of the money.

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