Jennifer’s birthday is fraught with angry emotion, leaving Peggy wondering what is going on.

Radio Times: It’s a tough birthday for Jennifer.

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  • It’s Jennifer’s birthday, and Peggy and Alice are giving her some presents, including a cake which Alice has baked. Brian emerges from the shower, to a rather frosty reception from Jenny and Alice. Brian tells them of the Grundy’s windfall. Alice is not keen for Brian to take her to school, preferring instead to have her Gran take her. Peggy is looking forward to the birthday meal at Grey Gables later. Peggy and Alice leave, and Brian gives Jenny his present – some perfume. Jenny is not best pleased, considering that perfume is the stereotypical present for a mistress. She loses the plot, smashing the perfume on the floor and ranting at Brian about his selfish ways, and about his “whore”. She takes no consoling, anticipating the next affair Brian may have, and wondering what she could have done to prevent any of this dreadful mess happening. She just cannot get Siobhan out of her mind, and continues in her hysterical rant. Brian tries to console her, but all trust is gone. Jennifer leaves, without saying where she is going. Meanwhile, on the way to school, Alice describes how strange the atmosphere is at home at the moment.
  • Phil and Heather are taking a stroll with Jet on Lakey Hill. Heather is considering going back home, though Phil tries to persuade her to stay, enticing her with some of his old records. They see Jennifer out walking but cannot attract her attention.
  • At Grey Gables, Phil and Peggy are waiting for Brian and Jennifer to arrive. When they do, Jennifer is clearly distressed. Phil mentions his sighting of Jennifer earlier, to little response. Phil leaves and Brian goes to get drinks. Alone together, Peggy tries to ask what is wrong, but Jennifer does not wish to talk.

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