Jennifer tells Peggy of Brian’s affair; Peggy tells Brian she’s watching his every move.

Radio Times: Peggy promises to keep a secret.

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  • It’s first thing in the morning at Brookfield and David and Ruth are just waking up. David expresses his concerns about Debbie. She is nowhere close to even beginning to forgive Brian for his affair, and is apparently looking for other jobs, even to the extent of considering working abroad.
  • Peggy pays a surprise visit on Jennifer. It was so obvious last night that something was wrong, and Peggy is so worried, she begs Jennifer to tell her. Jennifer agrees, and they both go through to the sitting room, where Jenny pours her heart out. She tells Peggy everything, including the fact that Brian had fallen in love, and is the father of Siobhan’s son. Peggy promises her full support in helping Jennifer to save her marriage, and promises not to tell a soul – not even Jack.
  • In the lambing shed, Peggy pays Brian a visit. She tears him off several strips at how badly he has treated Jenny, and warns him to make sure he puts things right, as she will be watching him at every turn.
  • At Brookfield, Ruth, David and Heather are listening to some of Phil’s old records. Heather is worried that now the children are back at school, she will be in the way. David and Ruth are having none of it, and insist that she stay as long as she likes. David talks about his last few days at the Oxford farming conference, and about his worries for the farm what with margins being so small these days. He and Ruth agree that the only way to survive at the moment is to concentrate on the high quality specialist market.
  • Late at night at Home Farm, Brian has returned to the house to collect a couple of things. He expreses surprise at Jenny having spoken to Peggy, though she defends her right to tell whomever she chooses. As he turns to go back to the lambing shed, Brian pointedly reminds Jennifer that he too has lost something within this messy business.

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