Joe makes himself too much at home at Grange Farm; Janet finally leaves to fond farewells from Shula.

Radio Times: Goldilocks visits Grange Farm.

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  • Ed is up late and cannot find the keys to Grange Farm. Clarrie suggests asking Joe, but it turns out Joe is not in the hous and hasn’t been seen since HE went to check the stock at Grange Farm last night! Clarrie and Ed set off at a pace to look for him. Once at Grange Farm though, all becomes clear. Joe has stayed the night there, creating a terrible mess. Clarrie finds him in the bath where she ticks him off severely, and demands that he come downstairs to help her clear up.
  • Chaba and Bert are having some trouble with a bull who has got his head stuck in a narrow feeder railing. Bert does not want to be late for his PCC meeting, but it looks like a hacksaw is the only option. Bert makes the meeting though a little late. Afterwards, he and Shula discuss their hopes for the qualities of Janet’s replacement. Chaba passes by on the way to the Bull for lunch. Shula and Bert chuckle about the Fallon-Chaba-Kirsty love triangle currently going on.
  • Clarrie and Joe are back home, though she is still cross about his exploits. Eddie is less bothered, seeing it more as a victory for the Grundys. It seems Eddie has given Clarrie a cut of the windfall money, which she is debating how to spend. After his over-night experience, Joe is leaning more towards a luxurious shower…..
  • Shula is saying goodbye to Janet: each is going to miss the other dreadfully. Janet gives Shula a pair of Celtic knot earings as a thank you present. For the last time, the trusty Triumph starts up and Janet drives away, with ‘good luck’ wishes from Shula.

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