Eddie agrees to accept a loan from Will. Susan agrees to work for the community shop with much reduced hours.

Radio Times: Will has an exercise in diplomacy.

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  • The plans for the community shop are coming along. Brian has worked out they will need £30,000 per year for a robust launch. And of that, there will only be money for a salary for 2 mornings a week. Susan is furious. She’ll be down 4 shifts a week. She continues to complain throughout the meeting and Brian diplomatically suggests that since it is such a big change, no one would mind if she felt she should resign, forcing Susan to say she wants to stay and is looking forward to the new challenge.
  • Eddie is reduced to using Bartleby to move things around when Will turns up. After a lot of negotiation Will persuades him that taking a loan from him for the van would help all the family – him when he needs stuff moved, Eddie so he can get back to work properly and Clarrie so she doesn’t have to walk to work everyday. Eddie reluctantly but finally agrees on the condition that it is definitely a loan and he’ll get every penny back.

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