Helen is worried Annette is getting depressed – just like Greg.

Radio Times: Helen fears the worst for Annette.

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  • Annette is still very down and not eating properly and is getting irritated with Helen trying to mother her. She’s also been in touch with her Gran and hasn’t told Helen.
  • The new pasteuriser has arrived for Grange farm. It’s a lot bigger than the old one. The advert for the new milkman is also going in the echo this week. But Vicky is getting a bit fed up with the time it’s all taking and doesn’t want to help anymore. Jazzer will have to fill in. Mike is surprised to learn that Eddie has gone for the van he recommended given it was around £6k. Ed doesn’t understand where he would have found that sort of money.
  • Brenda is still pretty down that she can’t find a job. She is skint and it really gets her down. Helen is still very worried about Annette; she is barely speaking to her. Brenda tries to convince her she is bound to be moody. It’s still early days. Helen is worried though. This turning in on herself is exactly the way Greg started to behave.
  • There is more graffiti turning up in the village. It’s from the same person it seems.

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