David and Ruth find out Jude is a much older student and David is absolutely furious.

Radio Times: David’s paternal instincts come to the fore.

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  • Neil wants some help from Mike but he is too busy dashing back to Vicky. She wasn’t happy yesterday when he let his dinner dry out. Neil isn’t impressed.
  • Eddie has bought his new van. It’s in great condition, only 5 years old and good for another 10. David is a bit surprised but Eddie says he got a decent credit deal in the end. Talking to Clarrie, he’s a bit puzzled why Will was so insistent on lending the money. Clarrie seems to get away with it for now.
  • David is shocked at the cost of farm supplies. He and Ruth turn up randomly to collect Pip and find her talking to one of the tutors. She seems to be getting on very well with him and then they spot them kissing. David is furious and is all ready to thump him. Ruth just about manages to calm him down and stop him challenging her in front of her friends and says they’ll discuss it when everyone is in the right frame of mind.
  • Susan didn’t even get an interview for the bingo job. It’s so frustrating. Neil tries to convince her it’s just the recession but she just feels no one wants her. She has decided to take Pat on on the community shop. She wants redundancy pay and unfair dismissal. She owes it to herself.
  • The calm discussion doesn’t go well turns out it was Jude and he wasn’t a tutor, just an older student. David doesn’t care though, whatever Ruth says David just keeps yelling that he is too old to be going out with his daughter.

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