Eddie and Clarrie are delighted with their anniversary party but Helen doesn’t seem to realise she’s being dumped by Ross.

Radio Times: Eddie and Clarrie reach a milestone.

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  • Eddie gives Clarrie a silver locket which she loves – it’s Victorian apparently. Eddie feels he keeps needing to remind William not to scrap with Ed at the party. They are both there but not talking. Eddie makes an emotional speech about Clarrie and they can’t believe the present – they are going to Paris!
  • Helen is looking forward to seeing Ross at the Grundy’s party but he doesn’t respond to her messages or contact her so she goes in search of him with Kirsty. But at his flat, the only person there is his lodger who won’t let her in and doesn’t know where Ross is. Kirsty thinks they should give up on it but Helen is determined to wait it out. Eventually he comes out of the flat. He claims he was feeling knackered and has to go out to dinner. He then dumps her – he says it’s because he is so busy at work and it isn’t fair on her. But Helen doesn’t seem to hear him. He tries to convince her it’s really over but she isn’t listening.

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