Eddie borrows from Peter to pay Paul and, having heard officially that his alibi has been accepted, Tommy is put straight by his sister’s.

Radio Times: Hayley thinks Tommy is a donkey.

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  • The aftershocks from last night’s party continue to reverberate around the village. Clarrie’s still a little miffed that they didn’t get an invite, Helen was pretty nonplussed by it all, Tommy’s absence was unfortunate but understood.
  • The ladies’ Viking raft (Ethelfled’s Maidens or somesuch) is getting frighteningly well organised, Ruth and Janet are building, with Clarrie doing the costumes (and Eddie badgering her for one, too).
  • The police have finally got around to telling Tommy about David’s statement (although Helen can’t see why David couldn’t have told them sooner), Pat (and Peggy in her own way) are pleased.
  • Eddie finally decided to capitulate to the forage harvester dealers and reimburse them, he’s stalled them by giving them an unsigned cheque and is going to pay them by borrowing some money from a friend of a friend of Baggie’s, then plans to repay this mysterious Shylock with money earned from the contract work over harvest-time (he’s off to Home Farm tomorrow as a start). Clarrie is not convinced.
  • Helen and Tommy are in the Bull enjoying a pint and, having been baiting awhile by Eddie, Tommy reveals to his sister that he met with Kirsty yesterday evening. She’s astonished at his stupidity. On the one hand he’s obeying his bail conditions by not going to Jack’s party, but on the other hand he’s seeing a known eco-activist! In a remarkably reasonable outburst (for once) she lets him know in no uncertain terms that she thinks that Tom should not see Kirsty again.