Jack’s 80th birthday is a generally happy occasion but the problems are barely bubbling under the surface.

Radio Times: Happy families at Grey Gables.

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  • Jack’s 80th birthday dawns and his celebratory fry-up and all his other cards and gifts pale into insignificance next to the large card from Hazel to her “Daddy Jack”. He’s disappointed to read that her busy, film business life isn’t going to give her time off, but she wishes him well. Peggy is not impressed, after all, she’s actually spoken to her and knows that her written words are a little hollow.
  • The party is in full swing and it seems that most of the village are in attendance and it’s a superb bash, food by Jean-Paul and music from Tommy Croker – how could an Ambridge party be better?
  • Debbie winds Jennifer up that Simon is going to turn up as her partner …. but Jennifer doesn’t appreciate the joke and is still worried about Briand’s eventual reaction.
  • Jennifer and Tony are frosty with each other and Peggy declares an embargo on any GM-related conversation.
  • Sid’s bending Alistair’s ear about cricket and when Debbie intervenes (Peggy would rather that wasn’t talked about either), David brings up an article about GM sugar beet and Tony gets involved and Peggy’s ban is broken already! David takes the heat out slightly by mentioning his talk to the police and a delighted Tony scoots off to talk to Pat – the police haven’t been in touch and this is great news!
  • Jack’s looking back on his 80 years and whether he’s made a difference beyond his obvious material success. Sid and Jennifer both try to convince him he has, Sid’s not on the inside and Jennifer only needs to look at her mother’s happiness to know he’s touched their lives for the better (and many others besides).
  • A photographer arrives from the “Borsetshire Life” magazine for a family photo and Peggy demands that Tony and Jennifer are photographed and that the family should look as happy as possible!