David and Ruth agree to risk it.

Radio Times: David and Ruth agree to risk it.

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  • David and Ruth decide to go with Phil’s idea about extending the grazing of the grassland and not making a third silage cut – it’s a gamble on the weather, but while Ruth’s worried, it’s not insurmountable. Phil’s pleased with their decision.
  • George is fretting about his part in the Game Fair, his being an exhibit talking about the living countryside. He’s prepared a speech, but Phil recomends that he just act naturally and respond conversationally – much less stilted.
  • With Jill’s recouperation well-advanced the issue of them returning to the farmhouse and David and Ruth (and kids) returning to the bungalow is raising it’s head. Jill’s missing her kitchen and Phil his piano, but Pip is enjoying the space and doesn’t seem to like the idea of swapping back.
  • There’s general concern, Phil especially, that new hymnbooks in church herald an appalling future with rock groups, guitars and drums at the family service!
  • Tim and Siobhán are, in their seperate ways, coming to terms with their loss. She takes the stoic, put it behind you, tack, while he would rather confront it and talk about. Either way, they’re glad that not many people know, but are putting off telling Nigel and Lizzie for the moment.
  • The preperations for Jack’s party are advancing well, but there’s a little concern that crash barriers and a UN peacekeeping force might be required to keep the rival factions apart, lest the evening be marred by the continued rift between Home and Bridge Farms.