Tony’s worried about Pat, Tim and Siobhán lose the baby.

Radio Times: Siobhán makes a return visit.

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  • Chris has decided that George, ahead of his visit to the Game Fair and his moment in the spotlight, needs a new jacket and is taking him, kicking and screaming, into Borchester.
  • Eddie and Clarrie, in a topical insert, discuss the effects on the village (if not actually Grange Farm) of the news of the lifting of the ban on exporting beef – it can only be a good thing.
  • Tony visits Tim primarily to talk about Pat and, with not wanting her medication to increase, there’s not much more to be done than to give her time. The backward steps are unfortunate, but she had been progressing well, so she will again. Tim tells Tony to make sure that he’s taking care of himself too, that his mind is important too.
  • Sid’s trying to bury the hatchet with Alistair with little bits of advice gleaned from some of his landlord contacts, although Alistair’s not entirely sure that they’re not given without prejudice …. meanwhile Eddie and Clarrie arrive and the talk turns to the competition for the Viking raft race and the likely candidates. Eddie poo-poos the Ambridge ladies team’s chances ….
  • While concluding his chat with Tony, Tim gets a call from home. It’s not good news, Siobhán is bleeding again – although it’s much worse than earlier in the week. Later we hear from them in the hospital and we learn that she’s miscarried. She’s to stay in overnight to have the procedure to clean up the womb and, naturally, they’re devasted. Siobhán especially can’t believe that it’s happened, that he’s gone, that she’s lost their baby.