Peggy advocates a softly-softly approach to Debbie’s paramour and David realises that he can help get Tommy off the hook this time.

Radio Times: David to the rescue.

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  • Siobhán’s at Lower Loxley and the prospective parents swap scan photos. Nigel and Lizzie are a little put out by the village gossip about them having planned for a millennium birth, but they’re not too worried. While we’ve not found out the sex of Eeny and Meeny (as Nigel has dubbed the twins), Siobhán is carrying a little boy, it seems.
  • Peggy’s on the phone to a still reluctant Hazel, still claiming she’s too busy to come to Jack’s party (and still opening the conversation with a question relating to his health). Peggy gives her a real rocket and demands that she at least send him a card.
  • Jennifer visits her mother to discuss Debbie and an unusually understanding Peggy recomends she do nothing. After all, Debbie’s old enough to make her own decisions and, if telling Brian about Simon Gerrard’s re-appearance would cause grief, then why tell him?
  • The twins are good news, but the business isn’t going so well. Despite Lower Loxley having physically recovered from the Death Watch Beetle, the commericial effects are rumbling on – not helped by Atherton Lodge, a new conference venue new Felpersham. (Apparently already open and about which Lizzie knows nothing …..) Nigel suggests they employ a temporary manager as cover, but Lizzie would rather they manage and then get a nanny, after all, nannies are likely to be cheaper than good managers.
  • Ruth and David are out testing the barley when the conversation turns to Tommy. They agree it’s strange and are sorry he’s in such a fix …. and David finally realises the day they’re talking about and that he (and Caroline) can corroborate his story. He drives to Borchester Police Station immediately, happy to be able to do something positive for Tommy at last.