Jennifer discovers Debbie with Simon and Hayley tells Ruth about Tommy’s new set of problems.

Radio Times: Jennifer does not like what she sees.

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  • Simon drops by Home Farm again and Debbie is increasingly unannoyed and unsurprised by this – although she’s still nervous of her parents’ reaction to his re-appearence, a state confirmed when while off walking they are met on a road by Jennifer driving along. Her reacquaintance with her daughters’ ex (and maybe current) is a little strained while being perfectly polite. When he leaves, though, Jennifer’s not so happy. While Debbie is old enough to see who she pleases, her mother does not approve and Brian will doubtless think even less.
  • Tommy reveals to Hayley that he knew that Kirsty and the others were planning something and, because it’s the same group, it seems likely they’ll have their own charges to face without having to own up to the events he’s standing trial for alone. (This time there was no violence and they even let themselves get caught.)
  • Hayley is pre-occupied with this news as she drinks tea at Brookfield with Ruth (who’s enjoying the space while she can, the crutch-less Jill is practising stairs …). Ruth, spotting something is up, eventually gets it out of her that Tommy, while protesting his innocence, is having trouble proving that he was out mowing the fields as he claims.