Brookfield opts to be put out to pasture and Tommy denies being a part of another GM crop raid, despite an incriminating jacket.

Radio Times: Has Tommy done it again?

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  • Ruth, Phil and David are discussing increasing the amount of time the dairy herd spend grazing, which should help to reduce silage costs, but does have a few dangers. Phil is very enthusiastic, Ruth is a little hesitant and David’s wavering, the irony of her prevarication in the face of Phil’s radicalism is not lost on Ruth. His reasoning is that it’s cheaper and, with the fall in prices recently, should they be breaking themselves to chase decreasing profit margins, when reverting to some of the older methods are much cheaper to implement, even if the production drops.
  • Tommy tells Hayley that some of his co-raiders want to stand up and face the music with him and, having experienced life on the inside, he’s less opposed to this now. One of them, though, does not want to stand up and be counted and while Tommy respects this decision, he still feels that the issue is more about making a stand than taking the blame, the others are trying to convince him to stand too. Of course, his bail conditions forbid him from contacting them.
  • Pat’s feeling better, having had another good chat with Tim who praised her for taking things at her own pace.
  • PC Davis pays a call to Bridge Farm. It seems that there’s been a raid on a GM crop in Northamptonshire and a Kirsty Miller has been arrested. Wearing a denim jacket that had a bank statment of Tommy’s in the pocket. Having outlined his movements yesterday – on the farm all day – a sceptical PC Davis isn’t convinced that Tommy was mowing a field all afternoon, maybe he broke his bail conditions and went to Northamptonshire? Tommy denies this, but he was on his own all afternoon …. lies or merely uncorroborated testimony? PC Davis is sure which one he thinks to be the truth and his investigations will continue.
    (Aside: Yesterday had one of those throwaway scenes which I don’t always mention but later turns out to be crucial. David was tending to a puncture and was chatting to Caroline who’d stopped to enquire if he was alright. This was near Bridge Farm because when she asked if she should go fetch Tommy, who was making a good job of some mowing nearby, to come and help, David declined. So we know that, for at least some of the afternoon, Tommy was where he told PC Davis he was.)