A scare for Siobhán (which turns out to be nothing) and Hazel’s causing fears, too, meanwhile Jill loses her crutches.

Radio Times: Tim takes charge.

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  • Siobhán is concerned, there’s blood in her urine, but the unflappable Tim is a rock and calmly gets her an appointment at the hospital to have it checked out. This reveals no problems, but it was a scary moment – followed by massive relief. At the hospital they bump into David and Jill, who’s there to see the physio and have her crutches taken away – a model patient it seems. The expectant parents aren’t particularly chirpy, and this is noticed by Jill and David – who don’t comment on the pregnancy or their presence there (so while Lizzie knows, maybe no-one else does?).
  • The arrangements for Jack’s birthday continue apace with the creme of Borsetshire society on the guest list. Caroline and Peggy have everything under control – except whether Hazel is going to turn up. Jack’s sure that she’s planning to surprise him, Peggy is furious that this is very unlikeable to happen.