Tommy’s life is not his own and Alistair’s team isn’t his either.

Radio Times: Sid oversteps the boundary.

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  • Peggy’s at Bridge Farm cooking for the family, although Tony’s off playing cricket. Pat appreciates the gesture although admits later to feeling a little smothered by the attention. Tommy would dearly love to play cricket, but doesn’t feel that he can lest he infringe some of his bail conditions. Later he visits his Gran to apologise in advance for not being able to attend Jack’s 80th birthday party for the same reason. He’d love to go, but the chance of running into someone who is likely to be called as a prosecution witness, David for example, is just too high.
  • Sid is finding his rôle of manager hard to stomach – especially when he disagrees so vehemently with Alistair’s on-field decisions. In one particularly unbelieveable incident Sid moves David’s fielding position turning a certain catch into a ridiculously hard missed opportunity. Alistair doesn’t take to kindly to the interference and Sid, despite the team winning today, isn’t so apologetic.
  • Janet’s planning to revamp the hymn books in the church, Phil (as organist) and Bert (as Warden) aren’t keen on the loss of tradition and Peggy (who hasn’t been there since Janet arrived but has an opinion anyway) is unhappy with the general commercialism of the modern church.
  • Pat’s due to see Tim tomorrow and Tony’s glad, just to have her talk over her current situations.