Pat’s showing the strain and Joe and Eddie plot a cider-empire.

Radio Times: Pat fears the worst.

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  • Pat’s having one of her down days, the office is strewn with paper and her mind seems similarly untidy. Tony’s trying to convince her that she’s doing a great job when Mike calls and he does a better job of convincing her that he current problems with Tommy would be enough to knock anyone sideways and to not get downheartened into thinking that her depression was returning with too much of a vengence.
  • The end of William’s first week as a working man sees him too tired to spend his pay packet and Clarrie, touched that he offered a little (£10!) to cover his keep, suggests that he keep the whole lot for the first few weeks and then they can re-assess the situation. He’s being wonderfully secretive to Joe about some of the tricks of the keeping trade that he’s being let into in his new rôle!
  • Joe and Eddie discuss the possibilities of Grundy Cider, fresh and natural straight from Grange Farm. With proper marketing and advertising they could be sitting on a gold-mine. Of course, in the short-term, there’s plenty of quality-control to get done. Cheers!
  • Tony’s trying to convince Pat that she really is doing an amazing job of coping with Tommy’s situation. He tries to say that it was easier while Tommy was on remand, in that there was a definite end in sight, but now they’ve got an indefinite period of uncertainty, which is going to be harder to deal with. She is having real problems with thinking about her son in jail ….