Hayley’s costume wasn’t a complete fairy-tale and people are worrying about Pat and Tony.

Radio Times: Hayley tries it on.

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  • Jill and Phil are enjoying having a little time together before the bedlam of harvest, although Phil’s still having trouble acclimatising to the bungalow’s kitchen. Janet calls round to discuss the bells (plans are well advanced for the new bells and they should have a full team) as well as some new hymn books which Phil, the old traditionalist, is not totally happy with.
  • It seems that Brenda wasn’t so successful at the theatrical hire agency and while Hayley might have been happy in a Snow White get-up as the Strawberry Princess, she’s less sure that she wants to be dressed as an actual strawberry! Mike and Neil are tickled, but she complains that it’s not convenient and ditches it quickly! They don’t really mind, after all, she’s doing a great job of selling, costume or not.
  • Janet suggests to Hayley that they, with Usha and Ruth, might want to make a boat for the fête long-boat race – a women’s team!
  • Phil and Jill are looking forward to being grandparents again, and are especially happy that Nigel has matured well and that he and Lizzie have weathered the various storms. They’re worried lest the problems they had with the infant Lizzie repeat themselves, but medicine has come on a lot since then and they’re sure that there’s no reason for concerns.
  • Neil, who’s been helping out at Bridge Farm, reports that Tony’s in a daze and Pat is not coping so well. Mike’s worried that all the progress might not help and that the strain of supporting Tommy might open a large crack.