The cricket club dinner speaker is a little blue, which is what Peggy’s thinking of the wouldbe gold-digger Hazel.

Radio Times: Red faces at Grey Gables.

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  • Jack’s making sure that the last-minute arrangements for the Cricket Club dinner (to be at Grey Gables tonight) are in place, he’s sorry that Alistair’s prompsted for informal dress – not even lounge suits! Maybe his 80th birthday would be formal? Peggy’s having to field anglings for invites from the likes of Lynda and Joe Grundy, but Jack is only worried about one non-respondent – Hazel. Peggy’s had contact with her, but as soon as Hazel found Jack wasn’t dead with a will to cash in on she didn’t want to know, Jack does not know about this.
  • Tommy’s feeling a little fractious after reporting to the police station but is very happy to be back in the bosom of his family. He is unsure about going to tonight’s dinner, but Hayley thinks that people have more interesting things to worry about and, in the main, she’s proven right. While there is talk, most people seem to be quite supportive. He’s struggling to cope, but Hayley’s helping.
  • The speaker at the dinner, Borsetshire County Cricket Club’s president is a little racy in his speech, but it and Alistair’s Captain’s address go down well.
  • The PYO is going well and Mike’s latest wheeze is to dress Hayley (the Strawberry Princess) in a get-up hired a theatrical dressers. Hayley, it would seem, doesn’t know about this yet …