William’s a working man now and Tommy’s out on bail.

Radio Times: Another chance for Tommy.

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  • William’s suffering a little from his first day as a working man and the second morning isn’t quite so easy! A little light ribbing from his male ancestors, before Joe leaves him with a phrase his grandfather told him, “many words won’t fill a bushel up.” A few words about Tommy and seeing an Archer in court, not many words about Alf, mind!
  • Tommy’s before a different set of magistrates, there were initial concerns that they may go hard on him, but he is given conditional bail. Usha’s making sure he is aware of his conditions, but he wants to call Kirsty, so she reminds his parents (who are relieved almost beyond words): he must report to the police every day, he must turn up to the appointed trial date, he must continue to live where the court thinks he is, he is not allowed to enter any GM field for any reason, nor fraternise with known eco-activists nor contact any prosecution witnesses. He’s got to be cleaner than clean.
  • Joe and Eddie are doing chores around the farm and discuss a forthcoming farmers market and the produce they’re planning on selling. Lots of “apple drink”, with no mention of the “C-word” …
  • Pat and Tony praise Usha’s efforts – more than just doing her job they think. Pat wonders if Tommy is really convinced. He claims he is. She’s behind him, she proclaims, if he believes in it so strongly in spite of everything he’s been through, then so does she and is behind him all the way.