Eddie enjoys his old way of life. Matt starts to make a new life. Susan wonders what life has in store.

Radio Times: Matt gets to know the locals.

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  • Eddie deals with a calving, and is delighted by the arrival of another bull calf. Clarrie brings him a cup of tea, and comments on how much Eddie has enjoyed his week on the farm. Fondly she tells him how proud she was of the way he coped with losing Grange Farm.
  • Clarrie tells Susan about the mishaps at the Cider Club. She’s thankful the only casualty was a teapot. David and Ruth are due back tomorrow, so Clarrie needs to have a good clean-up at Brookfield. They are interrupted by Peggy, who asks Susan if she will call at the Lodge for a chat.
  • Matt meets an ex-pat in the hotel, and negotiates the rental of an apartment. Jeff, his new acquaintance, assures Matt Lilian will love the real San José They agree a month’s rental in cash as a deposit, with no questions asked.
  • Matt brings Jeff back to meet Lilian, who is less than enthralled by both Jeff and the idea of a down-town apartment. Matt insists on taking a look at the place, as it’s stopped raining. Lilian is horrified by the sights and smells of the area Matt takes her to. A guard dog growls at her, and there’s litter everywhere. Just as she’s about to head back for the hotel, her phone rings. It’s Russell, Matt’s solicitor. Lilian tells him they’re having a short holiday, and puts Matt on. Matt isn’t in the mood for talking, though. After the call, Lilian tries to tell Matt that he must go back for the trial. Somehow, though, Matt just isn’t listening.
  • Peggy explains the situation to Susan. She’s at pains to say how much she has valued Susan’s efforts to make the shop pay, and goes on to outline Pat’s idea. Susan is concerned at the possibility of having to manage on the post office pay alone, and thinks she should be on the committee, as the only one with retail experience.

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