Eddie finally goes to see Ed but that causes Ed to overdose on booze and crack. Ed realises he may never now get a chance to put things right.

Radio Times: Ed reaches breaking point.

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  • Jazzer is shattered from doing his normal job and doing Ed’s work. But he’ll perk up. Maybe Ed would like to go out with him and Fallon tonight. They aren’t able to get in touch with him though.
  • Oliver is thrilled to get a phone call but then Eddie shows up and tries to make peace. But Ed says he’s never had any support – his family threw him out. Eddie says he stole William’s wife and the first time Emma does the right thing and puts her child first, Ed runs away. Eddie might have even supported him if he hadn’t run away. Ed continues to yell that Eddie doesn’t care but Eddie says it is down to him that he’s wrecked William’s life and is now wrecking his and Clarrie’s. If Ed isn’t going to do something about it then the sooner he gets lost again the better.
  • Oliver and Mike finally get the good news from the Environmental Health Officer. Everything is fine. But when they get in for a celebratory drink the cabinet has been broken open and there is no sign of Ed.
  • Jazzer and Fallon come across Ed unconscious with booze and obviously having been smoking crack. They need to get him to hospital quickly. Fallon contacts Oliver and he rushes to the hospital. Eddie and Clarrie turn up too but Ed is going to be unconscious for several hours yet at least. Oliver has to break the news about the crack. Ed gets even more upset when he thinks Oliver didn’t tell them about the crack because he didn’t think they could help. And now Eddie might never get a chance to put it right.

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