Eddie gets a lesson in goat management. Brian needs a lesson in teenage daughter management.

Radio Times: Brian finds himself outvoted.

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  • Joe’s latest money-making venture involves pasturing a goat for someone he’s met. The only trouble is, it won’t come out of the trailer, and Eddie’s less than happy about it.
  • Someone else who’s less than happy is Brian. Alice has been to a Valentine’s do with Bruno, and Brian thinks it will be a re-run of Kate and Roy. Alan tries to reassure him, and to make a case for Borchester College, but Brian becomes more cynical by the minute.
  • Her sister’s possible involvement in Matt’s divorce proceedings is occupying Jennifer. She’s sure that Matt has got Lilian caught up in his financial irregularities, and she wants Brian to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile she wants Brian to recognise that Alice will do best if she’s motivated, and agreeing to let her go to the college might be the best method. Brian can scarcely contain his contempt for the idea.
  • Someone has broken into the Grundy shed, leaving cider all over the floor. Joe blames Eddie, and Eddie blames Joe. But they do eventually manage to get the goat out of the trailer and into their field. No-one will attempt another break-in while the truant goat’s about.
  • Ruth is glad to have her mum’s company. She confesses a sneaking feeling that they made the wrong decision about Pip’s school, and that Josh is suffering as a result of all the extra attention Pip’s been getting.

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