Ed is depressed, so is Brian, both on account of Bruno.

Radio Times: Ed’s usurped at Grange Farm.

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  • Ed is looking after Oliver’s new calf, which he has christened Blaze, when Bruno looks in intent on annoying him. He announces that Oliver has given him the calf to look after and he has named him Tyson; however he cannot put down straw for him now or he will miss the bus, so Ed will have to do it for him.
  • Julia is surprised, when she brings coffee out to the hedge-laying volunteers, to find that one of them is Lewis. She has to get back; there is a mountain of post.
  • Adam has had another idea for Brian to consider – a Magic ma(i)ze; he looked at a couple last season and the farmers are coining it in. It would complement the fishing and riding facilities and he will have a costed plan ready by the end of weekend. This is coolly received by Brian who will make no promises when he will look at it. He is pre-occupied with Alice, who has been texting Bruno and has invited him to supper on Saturday, after which Brian has been told he has to drive them to a Valentine do.
  • Over lunch, Julia tells Lewis about the extra-ordinary letter she has received from Douglas; he has to admit where Douglas got the idea that Julia was married. Douglas is a lovely chap but fixated; it seemed the only way. Married to Lewis! Julia finds the idea ‘not entirely repellent’, indeed she seems quite warm to it and has no hesitation in accepting Lewis’s invitation to go out with him on Monday.
  • Ed is complaining bitterly about his injured shoulder and Eddie reckons he has been as good as useless. When they find Barnaby loose, Ed gets the blame for that too. After the football and having Bruno on his case – why not!

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