Alice is determined to do her A levels at South Borsetshire College; Brian is determined she shall not.

Radio Times: Christine makes a big decision (but not tonight!).

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  • Helen seems to have taken to heart Alan’s Lent crusade to save resources and she is going with Shula to a meeting on third world debt. She is keen to take over the preparation of a birthday meal for her father; she wants her family to relax about her and food.
  • Brian and Jennifer are visiting the South Borsetshire College, where Alice plans to do her A levels. Brian is there under sufferance and is very scathing. Jenny points out that there is no point in being there unless it is with an open mind; they owe it to Alice to take her views seriously.
  • Sid turns to Pat for a bit of moral support. Jolene’s patience is wearing thin and Kathy keeps ringing him in a state. Last night she had had a funny phone call and it took him an hour to calm her down. She has lost too much weight and looks dreadful. Jamie is a mixed blessing: he is the reason she gets out of bed but she is too exhausted to be bothered with him. Helen returns with the idea that Tony’s birthday supper could be Indian.
  • Jennifer was quite impressed with the College; Brian is unmoved. Most of the students will be at a lower intellectual level and she would be dragged down. The conversation ends when Alice rushes off to chat to Bruno – and that doesn’t impress Brian either; when Alice announces that she and Bruno are off for a coffee in town and will come home with Caroline, Brian feels that they are getting a glimpse of the future. Is Jenny happy now?

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