The grand final of the football. It’s a tough match but Will and Bruno’s team triumphs over Ed’s.

Radio Times: It’s the final showdown for Ed and Will.

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  • As the teams gather for the big night, Will reveals that it is his birthday. A celebration drink must wait until Friday – when Susan is coming to stay. Ed’s team come in for some ribald comments when the others see their girly shirts. The ref won’t let them play in their skins. The supporters are gathering too; Caroline is a bit unclear about the differences between rugby and football.
  • Blow the whistle; let battle commence. It is indeed a battle with some rough tackling on both sides. Bruno, in particular, is marking Ed very seriously and the confrontation earns them both a spell in the sin-bin. Will is limping from a heavy collision. The match goes into extra time and then a penalty shoot-out; Will’s injury is a handicap and he misses but with two to go they are still level. Ed misses and Roy scores. Ambridge win.
  • Bruno is deemed ‘man of the match’ by his team-mates, though probably not by Ed. Sam suggests a joint 11 next year; that would mean Ed and Will on the same side. Ed thinks he could cope with that but observes that at least ‘that psycho’ Bruno won’t be around.

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