Eddie has had enough!

Radio Times: Eddie hardens his heart.

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  • Harvesting he may be but Ruth needs David to speak to the children who insist on climbing into the half-built tree house. The platform has been built to a grand plan by Sam and the kids; now David must build the walls.
  • True to his word, Mike relays to Clarrie the events of yesterday at Grange Farm. She feels she must offer to replace the broken things but Mike thinks not, at least for the present. It would have been Betty’s birthday today, so Mike will have tea with the family. Alan has a sympathetic word for Clarrie as she explains how Ed is destroying himself.
  • Cleaning of dairy system is going well and Oliver is confident that they will get the all-clear in time for the planned start of delivery. Mike, however, is worried.
  • Very naughty! Ruth and David have done exactly what they have been telling the children not to do – climb onto the tree house platform. It’s great – but higher than they thought.
  • Oliver explains to Alan about Ed’s drinking and learns that Clarrie is aware of it. He is not aware of any drug-taking but can’t be sure. Alan can offer his experience with Luke, where he failed to tackle the root cause – the estrangement from his family. He recommends that Oliver seeks professional help.
  • The atmosphere in Keeper’s Cottage is cool. Eddie urges Clarrie to stop defending Ed; he can stay at Grange Farm and rot. The news that the vicar agrees with her about needing his family does not help at all. They should not tell Eddie what to think; the boy is a disgrace; he is no son of Eddie’s any more, in fact he never wants to hear his name again.

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