Ed reaches a new crisis after a visit from Emma.

Radio Times: Emma hears some home truths.

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  • Oliver has to pick up some fence posts but Ed is not keen to go with him; he is even less likely to want to help put the posts in. Oliver leaves with an appeal for him to get himself some breakfast but, once Oliver is gone, it becomes a liquid breakfast – interrupted by a visit from Emma.
  • Ed does not want to hear that Emma loves him. She used him, telling him that he was George’s father to get what she wanted. Well he has got away from her now; he has had time to think; now he knows what she is really like; she is a fake; she doesn’t mean anything she says. If that were so, why does he think she has come? Ed suggests that they get back together – in the caravan – but of course she cannot do that; she has to think of George. It’s all her fault; he gave up everything for her; this is all there is left.
  • Oliver has another disappointment: the dairy has failed another test, so they now have to strip everything down and try to remove the source of the trouble. It is disheartening. Caroline reassures him that he can still do it. Then there is Ed: he had hoped that all the effort put in on the dairy project would give Ed an incentive. They return home to find Ed drunk; he has been sick and smashed a precious vase. Oliver locks the drinks cabinet and Ed staggers out, threatening to leave.
  • Nigel and Lewis have taken Uncle Rupert’s painting to an art expert. It will be sent to a restorer. Nigel hopes that Lizzie will be ready for the hefty bill that will ensue.
  • They find Ed in a ditch and help him back to the house. Oliver is not really listening as Ed complains that Emma said she loved him; he has had enough; he can’t take any more; they need help.

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